i-design...Buildings from Concept to Completion

Satisfied Customers

Goff's Collision Repair


"They make money the old fashioned way, they earn it!  They not only earn it but they earn respect.  That is, they don't resort to practices used by some others in their line of business.  They guarantee their work and the work of others that they subcontract with.  I have witnessed them going the extra mile for the customers many times.  It's no wonder why they've been so successful in their business."

~Robert C. Goff

Pic Wire & Cable


"You are aware that I did some considerable "shopping" when we began planning to build.  Since this was a venture unlike any I had undertaken before and it represented a hefty commitment for our little aerospace company, there was naturally a good deal of worry about doing the right thing.  Actually, I suppose that would be true for many clients, but I don't think they could go wrong with I-Design."

~Charles Van Hecke

Wisconsin Veterinary Referral Center


"You and your employees have been most professional.  Absolutely everyone involved has been very curteous and very helpful as well!  The quality of your work has been exemplary.  I am extremely proud of this new state-of-the-art facility and you should share in this pride."

~Allen G. Ibsen, D.V.M. 



"In our numerous endeavors and insanities of designing and building, the least stressful and most professional experience ever was that of I-Design."  From Concept to Completion, there only interest was ours to include every avenue of efficiently and savings possible.  They never missed returning a phone call, a weekly progress report and were dead on budget throughout the entire construction process." 

~Dave Hurley

Loomis Road Dental


"I was impressed with the timely completion of the project, the adherence to budget, and the attention to detail.  You handled many minor every day problems with speed and insight so there were no delays in our schedule.  I was especially impressed with their attention to detail and the quality of the work.  Any minor imperfections were not allowed and they were especially good at handling the subcontractors." 

~Dr. Curtis Jelinek

Hartford Animal Clinic


"I had hired another design/build firm and, realizing early on that they were unable to serve my needs, searched out another builder and found I-Design.  They were attentive to my design concept and then collaborated to create an outstanding building in which I am proud to operate my business.  I was especially impressed with their knowledge of materials that were approriate to my special needs.

~Mark Lindbord DVM